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Your daily escape with NSPA

Hello there!

                   Pause for a second and visualize your daily routine. You wake up, have a quiet breakfast and then set off to work, catching the train, taking the bus, driving... eat, work, sleep, repeat - 5 days a week, every week, among hundreds of others just like yourself; experts at surviving in the rat race.  You return home weak and weary but wanting something more. For some that means a lazy movie and Chinese home delivered food, for others it means summoning up all your energy and going to the gym or getting out of the house.


What if you came across something that completely shattered the monotony of your routine? Like being greeted by live music at your next visit to the  local gym? That's exactly what Alternative Rock singer and guitaristAbhisshek Chapke gave fitness freaks at Gold's Gym - The Qube, on the July, 1st.
Abhishek @ Golds Gym
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Suresh Kala @ School
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Rainy day Saturdays are beloved by school children - and adding an entertaining UttarakhandiLok Geet tutorial into the mix doesn't hurt at all!Suresh Kala's voice and Avinash Lamba's dholak kept 150 young ones at Sundatta High School captivated all morning at the interactive workshop, after which all of them could yell "Oi Hoi!" and hum and sing native songs like true pahaadi gayaks!
Stay tuned - lots more coming your way!
In the meantime, here's what we have lined up for next week - all you have to do is stop and listen.
Churchgate Station
Borivali Station
Andheri Station
Bandra Station
Carnatic Classical Marathi Fusion Alternative Rock Uttarakhandi Folk
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Have a lovely weekend!

Your's truly,
The NSPA Team.
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