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       Once upon a time, poets and performers believed that nine Greek Goddesses - collectively called the Nine Muses - represented the arts and sciences. The one that we at the National Streets for Performing Arts (NSPA) are most interested in is Euterpe, the muse of song. She was rightfully called the "giver of delight". To take a leaf out of poet Charles Bukowski's book, who wrote thus - "Unless it comes unasked out of your heart and your mind and your mouth and your gut, don't do it. If you're doing it for money or fame, don't do it. Unless the sun inside you is burning your gut, don't do it." Equipped with brutally blunt advice like that, who needs a muse anymore?!
Cementing the future of musical talent in 2024!
A few days back, our Hindi pop and fusion singer/guitarist Abhisshek Chapke, and tabla player Manoj Sharma continued our weekly Art Literacy workshop series at Colaba Municipal School, and had all the children captivated with soulful originals. The duo plans on introducing the students to the tabla as an instrument, and attempting to get them to pen their own compositions and turn them into songs! Fingers crossed, we'll have some new musical talent in a decade! Abhishek @ School
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Teacher's Day Treat- NSPA style!
Art Literacy
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Our musicians had an eventful 5th of September, performing at multiple schools all over Mumbai. One such event happened at Parel's G. K. Municipal School, where Uttar Bharatiya folk singer Achchhai Pandey and dholak player K. K. Singh regaled the teachers with some reverent bhajans and students with their "Chanda mama" lullaby, ending in a rousing chorus by the young ones! At Matunga's David Sassoon School, Suresh Kala's energetic songs had the children completely enthused and enthralled. And our sufi singer Kaustubh Vajpayee can't wait to return to Amcha Ghar School in Bhayandar!
An Uttarakhandi Lullaby
Rehearsals for Suresh Kala's original composition- with Avinash Lamba at the dholak, Manoj Pandya at multiple percussion instruments, and Nikhil Honkalas at the flute - were extremely interesting because we learnt rich Uttarakhandi vocabulary while listening to a soothing lullaby. The word "sleep" when used as a request or command translates to soja in Hindi, suija in Gujarati and seja in Uttarakhandi. The podcast was recorded at Leaping Windows comic book library and cafe, Versova where NSPA artists conduct live musical performances every Thursday evening. Wish you sweet slumber! Suresh @ Leaping Window
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