"Au Re Nindariya" - Achchhai's Lullaby, video podcast #2

All of us have wonderful memories of childhood in which loris (lullabies) played a big role, sung lovingly to us by our parents and grandparents. Our Allahabadi folk singer Achchhai Pandey thinks that lullabies have some magic in them, and this is why we are going to showcase a series of loris in different languages, as video podcasts. Presenting our second video podcast - an Uttar Bharatiya lori - with K.K. Singh at the dholak and Malti Shah at the harmonium, and with a special appearance by Achcchaiji's daughter Shagun!

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Street Music in Mumbai
Street Auditions: What does it take to be a street musician in Mumbai?
Bengali folk music @ Churchgate Station
Heloise and Savio at Leaping Windows
Mumbai street music - Marathi Rock and fusion at Borivali station
Fusion street music by Pratyul Joshi(Folk Fusion) @ Prakruti 4, 2014
Street pop rock by Thomas Albert(Pop Rock) @ Prakruti 4 (Bhavan's Nature Festival)
Mumbai street music mashup - Music at Mumbai's railway stations last week
Uttaranchali Folk music for the kids!
Kabir Rock performed 'Halke Gadi Hako' at Americares India Foundations 'Spirit of Humanity Awards' 2013
Pratyul Joshi and Swaroop Bhathra performed 'Ek Banjara' at Americares India Foundations 'Spirit of Humanity Awards' 2013
Kabir Rock performed 'Hoshiyaar Rehna' at Americares India Foundations 'Spirit of Humanity Awards' 2013
Kabir Rock performed at Americares India Foundations 'Spirit of Humanity Awards' 2013
Meherzad Udwadia at Horniman Circle Garden, Mumbai
Achchhai Pandey with Avinash S. Lamba at Horniman Circle Gardens, Mumbai
Smit Dharia at Different Strokes Concert, Mumbai 2012
NSPA's Smit Dharia & Rahul Bakshi at Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2013
Zach & Ellie at Farmer's Market, Mumbai
Rahul Bakshi performing at KGAF 2013
Dakshina & Mukund Ramaswamy for NSPA
NSPA @ Indikaleido
Rail Ka Ghume Re Pahiyaa


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